Scientific Research

Doctoral Skills

Research in circadian rhythm genetics, genome evolution and disease resistance provides a solid foundation for leadership, critical and creative thinking, research, project management, and high level written and aural communication.

DNA Strand
Graduation Girls

Tertiary Educator


Course design, development and delivery at Washington State University (genetics, biochemistry, astronomy) and Western Sydney University/University of Wollongong (primary and secondary science education methods).

Curriculum Consultancy and Leadership

Tahmoor Public School

Expert curriculum support builds capacity for whole school engagement in high quality learning that is locally contextualised.

Reaching a Deal
Green Typewriter

Curriculum Support

Project Management

Design, development and delivery of curriculum support resources including teacher professional learning.

Teacher Professional Learning

Science curriculum design and delivery

My teacher workshops provide opportunities for online and situated learning and mentoring that helps teachers to engage all students in all aspects of primary science curriculum.

Video Camera Lens

Blended Learning

Counting on Cotton - Kimberlin Education

Through Video Conference lessons, I inspired students and teachers in regional, rural and remote areas to engage in hands-on STEM learning.

Preschool STEM Experience

Community outreach

Each term a group of 20 preschool students visit Tahmoor Public School to participate in STEM activities, facilitated by Year 6 students.

Child Doing Art Activity
STEM Expo notice.jpg

Primary STEM Expo

Wollondilly Network of Schools

Students, teachers and organisations from across the region come together to share ideas.

Primary STEM Teacher Network

Wollondilly Network of Schools

As a conference presenter and network coordinator, I build teacher confidence through professional and collegial dialogue.

teachers slime.jpg

Industry Linkage

Me3D Introductory Module

Creating guides, modules and workshops for STEM-related organisations facilitates community outreach and industry expert linkages.

Music Teaching

School Band, Piano, Woodwind, Brass

Music has taught me to be a creative problem solver. As a music teacher I help students to develop multitasking and creative thinking skills, and to appreciate the role of art in their daily lives.

Jazz Saxophone Player

Accent on Achievement


Bargo NSW Australia 2574

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